Welcome to the 1st Comprehensive Health Research Center Summit – CHRC

Dear colleagues

It is with great pride, satisfaction and honor that we welcome you to the first summit (of many to come!) of the CHRC community.

Two years ago, we dreamed that it was possible to build a Research Unit on Lifestyles and Well-Being, Health Promotion, Clinical Research and Public Health.

We submitted the application to the Science and Technology Foundation and obtained recognition with the classification of Excellent.

We have an EXCELLENT team with 125 integrated PhD researchers, 70 PhD students and 100 non-PhD members, affiliated with academic and health institutions of recognized merit.

We are taking the first steps to build the structure that we promise and need. A center with support structures – administrative and management, support for applications, statistics, biobank, and communication, which support researchers and increase the quality and funds for their research.

Training and innovation, providing services to the community are other pillars that distinguish and honor us.

On the 19th and 20th of November, we will bring the entire CHRC community together, in an online event, where we will discuss the challenges, new knowledge and collaborations that we have developed in the 4 thematic lines. The scholarship to the collaborative research project CHRC 2020 will also be delivered.

Welcome, join us!

Helena Canhão
CHRC Coordinator